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GridKey is a family of substation monitoring systems that can be fitted to the feeders of a low voltage or medium voltage substation, typically without interrupting supply to customers. It provides continuous remote monitoring of substations, as well as timely warnings, status and loading information. As a result, electrical utilities/distribution network operators experience reduced network maintenance costs and better understand the state of their LV and MV grids.


GridKey Product Overview

Data Centre

Collecting raw data and analysing it to create ‘actionable information’ is key to extracting value from data collected by the GridKey systems. An analysis of available systems against our requirements resulted in the decision to develop a bespoke system, enabling us to incorporate useful features and manage cyber security aspects.

Data Centre

Metrology and Communications Unit (MCU)

GridKey produces three MCU systems – MCU520 (low voltage), MCU520 (medium voltage) and MCU318. Each communicates directly with the cloud-based GridKey Data Centre, which stores and analyses data to provide actionable information.


MCU520 Low Voltage

MCU520 Medium Voltage



GridHound GH600 Sensor


CT Sensors

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Installation Services