Data Centre

Data Storage

So that data can be compared between units, GridKey MCUs are synchronised to report on the hour and then at set periods afterwards meaning that the data from the MCUs tends to arrive at the Data Centre in peaks. It is vital that this data is quickly processed including ensuring there is no corruption or missing data and then loaded into the data centre. It also needs to be pre-processed so that any analytics can be run on it efficiently.

GridKey has developed a no-SQL based database specifically for the needs of the system which allows up to 10,000 units to report to a single data centre. More than 10 billion data points are already stored in the data base.

The structure of the database allows it to collect data from other sources and systems as well allowing analysis and display of data from multiple sources. It also uses a RESTful API to allow interface to other third party solutions.

The Data Centre is currently hosted as an IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform allowing users to benefit from the multi-redundant architecture and comprehensive back-up solutions. Customer data is kept segmented and access is via a secure log-in on a web-browser meaning no special software is required to be installed. A licenced solution to allow hosting on a customers own network is also potentially possible based on the number of GridKey MCUs being used.