Data Centre

Graphical Display

When managing a network with multiple monitoring points it is vital to ensure the graphical interface is easy to use and provides the information in an intuitive manner – the design aim for GridKey Data Centre was to allow users to operate it without any formal training.

The main page consists of a dashboard which shows all the MCUs allocated to that account. It also includes a top level display of the health of the unit as well as any analytics running on that account. Also displayed is a geographic map showing the location of each substation being monitored and also the status of the GridKey equipment installed.

Filtering of the analytics and unit health is easily achieved and provides a quick and easy way to identify the substations that need attention. Up to 4 graphs can be displayed simultaneously allowing different parameters from either the same substation or from different substations to be compared. It is also possible to create a personal profile to change to local time zone and phase colours.

The graphical display is being continually improved with new features being added – indeed users are encouraged to provide on-line comments to the team using the “provide feedback” button.