Data Centre

Data Analytics

Analysis of the data collected is arranged in the four ‘pain points’ described elsewhere on this website namely:

  • Faults
  • Losses
  • Power quality
  • Planning

Data is collected both from alarms generated from within the MCUs (these are simple alarms which send a message when a limit is exceeded for a certain period of time) and also for more complex analytics which run in the data centre – these can analyse such things as trend information over a period of time which would not be available in the MCU itself.

These alarm conditions are categorised as either “amber” or “red” so they can be displayed on the web interface.

The alarm settings in the MCU and some of the parameters used in the Data Centre analytics can be changed remotely from the Device Manager function within the Data Centre so that excessive alarms can be supressed on a unit by unit basis. Creation of custom analysis scripts is also possible.