Process data – Generate – Log parameters

The Medium/High Voltage monitoring system, scaled appropriately for that network, continuously and accurately – measures and calculates a wide range of grid condition data (to Class 1 standard) including:

  • monitoring up to 33Kv
  • busbar min / max / averaged Voltages
  • minimum, maximum and RMS current and phase for individual phases per feeder
  • active and reactive powers per feeder
  • stores 1Hz raw measurement samples for a period of seven days and calculated values for up to 180 days.
  • as well the above, the range of data points allow for almost limitless data creation and customisation

The MCU has GSM/GPRS modem as standard, but also features an auxiliary port that can be connected via optional network interface modules to provide customised interface solutions, providing a highly flexible means to connect to the GridKey data system or the customer’s own data systems.

Download GridKey MCU520 MV Brochure

The MCU is fully configurable via a standard IEC optical probe with a laptop. Parameters that can be set include:

  • Substation identification and location information
  • Feeder connections used
  • Reporting intervals
  • View and monitor live data

At any point in operation, the data reporting for each MCU can be individually re-configured via its network interface. The operator can select the MCU measurement reporting interval from every minute, hour, day and beyond, as needed. Any stored data, including detailed raw measurement data can be retrieved, for instance if detailed analysis of a specified timed event or period is required. On top of this the MCU520 accepts a range of sensor types, all of which allow for even greater unit, and data, customisation


The GridKey MV Monitoring System is a designed for purpose, flexible and highly configurable
information system providing the following benefits:

Connected Medium Voltage Monitoring

MCU520 Brochure

Medium Voltage Monitoring

GridKey’s MCU520 MV is a custom designed continuous monitoring system for medium Voltage (MV) networks. It consists of a number of sensors on each feeder, connected to a Metrology and Communications Unit (MCU) which processes the sensor data and generates and logs substation loading and condition parameters. This information is relayed to a network control centre where the substation condition can be accessed graphically via our customer web portal or incorporated into the operator’s own data networks and SCADA systems.

Choose to configure and generate alert messages that would be sent via the data network system for multiple grid measurement states, for example to provide indications and warnings of any under voltage or power phase imbalance conditions. The information and alerts provided enable network managers to make evidence based decisions and plan effectively for future preventive maintenance and capital expenditure.