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Our cost effective system continuously and accurately measures and calculates a wide range of grid condition data, with Class 2 accuracy (view our Class 1 products here), including:

  • busbar min / max / averaged Voltages
  • minimum, maximum and mean RMS current and phase for individual phases per feeder
  • active and reactive powers per feeder

The MCU 318 uses the GPRS/Mobile data network as standard but also features the ability to support additional network requirements, e.g. Wired Ethernet. Interface modules permit customised interface solutions, providing highly flexible means for additional sensing and measurement capabilities.

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The MCU is fully configurable at installation time via a WI-FI access point with a laptop or other device. Parameters that can be set include:

  • substation identification and location information
  • feeder identification
  • the reporting intervals and alert message settings

Measurements are also available for viewing in real-time. At any point in operation, the data reporting and alert messaging settings for each MCU can be individually re-configured via its network interface. The operator can select the MCU measurement reporting interval from every minute, hour or day as needed. Any stored data can be retrieved.


The economical GridKey LV Monitoring System is a designed for purpose, flexible and highly configurable
information system providing the following benefits:

Low Voltage Monitoring MCU318
Low Voltage Monitoring MCU318
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Our MCU318 is a purpose designed low-cost alternative to our Class 1 product range. Offering Class 2 monitoring accuracy and a faster install time (sub 30 mins) the Metrology and Communications Unit (MCU318) allows for continuous monitoring of Low Voltage networks. The ease of install and operation sits at the forefront of this products design and functionality. Offering automatic feeder detection and routine reporting to the data-centre – allowing for the creation of a range of data sets, all offering the customisation and interopability to accurately and efficiently meet individual needs.

The Unit itself has modular capabilites but offers from day one:

  • True RMS Voltages at busbar phases
  • True RMS current at feeder phase, busbar phase and unit level
  • Synthesised Neutral current at feeder and busbar level
  • Active, reactive, apparent power and energy at feeder phase, busbar phase and unit level
  • Power quality measurements at feeder phase, busbar phase and unit level

As well as this, measurements are available as instantaneous values, or min, max and mean data for different time options.