Monitor – Measure – Analyse – Manage

GridKey is a substation monitoring system that can be fitted to the feeders of a substation without interrupting supply to customers. It provides continuous remote monitoring of the substations as well as timely warnings, status and loading information.

As a result Electrical Utilities/Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) experience reduced network maintenance costs and significantly increased knowledge of the state of their LV/MV grid.

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Real time knowledge, identification and location of faults on the MV/LV grid prevent unplanned outages.
Early warning of potential problems, such as phase imbalances reduce network maintenance costs.
Better information to protect assets, diagnose problems and drive the right decisions.
Additional sensors, such as intruder alarms, temperature and water level can be integrated to provide a complete MV/LV substation monitoring system.


GridKey is a purpose-designed, live-retrofit, compact, continuous monitoring solution suitable for substations. GridKey provides EUs/DNOs with information to drive LV and MV network planning and financial decisions.

Metrology and Communications Unit
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The system consists of a number of current sensors and a Metrology and Communications Unit with data visualised for the user with a simple browser based customer web portal. An integrated GSM/GPRS radio communicates data to a web site or any existing communications and data management system via a standard interface. The information from this enables managers to make informed decisions about the network, planning maintenance, predicting and preventing failures and deferring capital costs.