LCNF report shows GridKey as ‘excellent’ solution

LV Sensors report web2_17c2a24cc5aeb8e0feb1897cb31bc6ecA recent report by WPD and UKPN carried out under Low Carbon network Funding, has named GridKey as one of the top systems for LV network monitoring.

The report, “Assessing Substation Measurement Equipment” compares seven off-the-shelf systems and concludes that GridKey is ‘excellent’ overall.

GridKey Business Manager for Sentec, Mark England, said, “This is a great outcome for GridKey, we have come out as one of only two solutions labelled ‘excellent’, in an independent assessment, which the industry will use to inform future monitoring decisions”.

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The table shown is reproduced from the report and recoloured to improve readability.

The full report is available here